Killing of Innocence

There is no justification for killing innocence.

Over the past few days people have been posting articles, videos and images on my facebook feed about either side of the Israel Palestine issue, MH17, the almost forgotten MH370, the Ukraine and Russia issue etc. In all this, what stands out the most is hate. It brings out the haters in us and urge us to be divided.

There are complex problems in the world and we need to find solutions but is killing innocence really the answer? Are we encouraging this by taking sides and spreading propaganda? Instead of asking for opposite sides to stop, let us unite in asking everyone to stop. Stop fighting. Stop killing. stop the violence. If you really want to kill, kill the hatred. Kill the things that divide us.

So next time we want to spread hatred, let us spread love.
I know this might not solve all problems, but hey it has to start somewhere. It has to be started by someone.
Let that someone be YOU.
Let that someone be ME.
Let that someone be Us.

So lets stop supporting anyone who kills innocence. No matter what the reason may be. Let us support Peace, Love and Hope!


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