Killing of Innocence

There is no justification for killing innocence.

Over the past few days people have been posting articles, videos and images on my facebook feed about either side of the Israel Palestine issue, MH17, the almost forgotten MH370, the Ukraine and Russia issue etc. In all this, what stands out the most is hate. It brings out the haters in us and urge us to be divided.

There are complex problems in the world and we need to find solutions but is killing innocence really the answer? Are we encouraging this by taking sides and spreading propaganda? Instead of asking for opposite sides to stop, let us unite in asking everyone to stop. Stop fighting. Stop killing. stop the violence. If you really want to kill, kill the hatred. Kill the things that divide us.

So next time we want to spread hatred, let us spread love.
I know this might not solve all problems, but hey it has to start somewhere. It has to be started by someone.
Let that someone be YOU.
Let that someone be ME.
Let that someone be Us.

So lets stop supporting anyone who kills innocence. No matter what the reason may be. Let us support Peace, Love and Hope!


I am the rain and the rain is me

A long time ago, someone wrote me a letter (email rather). This was someone I hardly knew but was aware of. Someone who I had hardly met.

This letter was beautiful. It was like nothing anyone had ever written for me before. It was about me. And it was about rain.

Even though at the time I was flattered about the comparison because I loved rain and because I, like every other girl that age enjoyed the attention, I never understood the connection between me and rain. It always came back to me in my thoughts as a beautiful thing a stranger wrote. It left me feeling beautiful at times when I really needed it and when everything around me failed.

At times, for long periods, I forgot about it.

Today I started reading Aleph, by Paulo Coelho.It is actually the first book I’ve read all year. I feel happy to be back into doing something I enjoy so much. Something that makes my mind travel to wherever the author wants to transport me to and teaches me new things. And I have to say, today I learned something new.

To begin with, while reading Aleph, I learnt how to have a shower.  The author writes about taking a shower and letting the water carry him off to places he can’t even explain to himself.

So I did the same. I realised for a few years now, Ive been having really hot showers. High pressure showers. A ritual for cleaning. Today I tried to do as the author did, I tried to listen to the water, trickling down and feel encompassed in it. I realised that something wasn’t right. The water was too hot and too harsh. So I turned the water to cold and reduced the water pressure.

At that instant, I was transported back in time. I was standing in the middle of my courtyard back home in India during the monsoon season. The sky way dark and the cold\warm monsoon was pouring down on me and I was smiling.

Suddenly I was transported yet again. I was at the same place, my home in India. I was standing under one of the places around the house where the water falls after being collected from the roof. I was laughing and jumping and splashing the water around. I was cold and I was happy. I remember my father sitting on the veranda on his chair, with our towels. He was happy, as any father would be, that we were happy.

Ever since my father passed away, Ive been terrified to close my eyes in the shower. I am overwhelmed by the strong desire to see him again but the fear that when I open my eyes, he might actually be there smiling at me scared me. Would I be ready to see him? Do I have the courage to see someone who had left his body behind?

As I stood in the shower today, and travelled back in time. With my eyes closed, I saw my father again. Sitting on the veranda on his chair, with our towels. He was happy, as any father would be, that we were happy. I looked at him and smiled.

The whole experience reminded me of the letter that someone once wrote me. And suddenly, it made sense. The letter wasn’t a comparison of rain and me. It was about rain. It was about me. It was about rain and me.

So I would like to say thank you, to that someone who I didn’t really know that well, for writing me that letter. For knowing me so well. For helping me understand, my relationship with rain.

Better Roads, Cleaner Country, not Billboards

As I arrived in Brisbane this morning, I read the following article on the NDTV website about the Congress party meeting to discuss how to win Urban votes.

Here is a tip: Ban Political Billboards and use that money to build better roads and to employee people to clean the cities, towns and villages once a day!

I dont see a shortage of money or people in India, just no will to do it.

India will vote for your not by looking at your faces on billboards (trust me we know what you look like! ), but by what you have done for her.

With a growing population and a large number of poor and unemployed people, why cant our ruling parties in different states use the money they use for billboards to hire people to keep our country clean?

Please share, like and retweet this post and hope fully someone with the will to change(or get votes) will listen.

It Hurts…

It hurts that with so many intelligent people, we are still stupid.

It hurts that even though we are so beautiful, we are still so very ugly.

It hurts that we are so democratic, but our voices are not heard.

It hurts that as we change the world, we fail to change our own homeland.

It hurts to know that even though we are of many religions, we lack faith.

It hurts that with all our integrity, we are so corrupt.

With a billion people to watch over her, a girl can get raped. Everyday.

Create your social media presence

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with people from across the community who run different kinds of businesses. Since I cannot stop myself from poking my nose into the kind of marketing they do, I went ahead and asked them about their social media presence and plans for the future. As you may expect, social media wasn’t really on the agenda for a lot of these businesses. Yes they all want to use social media but were either unsure of how to proceed or were caught in the dilemma of doing it right vs. doing it at all.

When I started blogging for the Morning Bulletin, my intention was to write blog posts that will help businesses and the community understand social media a little better and help these entities create an effective online presence. I have to admit that with my last few blog posts trying to promote the building of responsible online communities, I may have lost track of this purpose. So let’s get back to it.  From this week on, I will walk you through the basics of gradually building a social media presence. If you have any queries at any stage of the process, you can always contact me through twitter @angeldirect.

Before we get started, I want you to ask yourself a few basic questions. What is the product or service you want to promote? What kind of an organisation are you? Who is your target audience? Who in your organisation has the interest to use social media? Are you able budget your social media marketing into your regular marketing budget? What are your current marketing strategies? How can you incorporate Social media into them? What do you think is interesting\impressive about your business or organisation? What is your unique selling point (USP)?

These are a few basic questions that will help you set the foundation to your social media presence. I suggest you set some time aside to think about these questions and write down the answers as it will give you more clarity as we proceed through each step of the process.

Next fortnight we will take a look at how we can use the answers to determine which of the many existing social media platforms suit your business best and how to design your presence. See ya next fortnight!